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Ryan Yauger (AKA Mr. Funk), was born in Uniontown PA, on October 8, 1981. Ryan first picked up his sticks and began to study music in 1991. Since then he has been working to perfect his skill in the vast art of percussion. His father Jim Yauger and older brother Jason Yauger both inspired him to join a band. Ryan took the throne for Blind Tempest in 1997 with his new friend Phil Edwards, and has been relieving his aggression through his drums year after year ever since. With such influences as Pantera, Korn, Slayer, and New Family (a local favorite that is now Byzantine), Ryan is definitely one of most talented drummers to hit the music scene in today's world.

"I will continue to push my soul into music and give ya'll something to jam out to for years or even decades to come...." - The Funk Master, Ryan Yauger