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tem·pest/(tem'pist)/n. 1. Furious agitation, commotion, or tumult; an uproar.

Formed in 1998, Blind Tempest consisted of the combined musical talents of Paul Fullem, Phil Edwards, Ryan Yauger, and Jim Pierce. An accident on September 1, 2002 involving the passing away of front man Paul Fullem led to a reorganization of the band. The band found strength in the face of this tragedy and returned stronger than ever. The result is the current lineup of Phil Edwards (lead vocals/guitar), Ryan Yauger (drums), and former PMF bassist Nino Mancino. With a wide range of musical talent, their unique sound can only be described as a mix of old school metal, new metal, acoustics, and pure aggression.

Blind Tempest has been an undeniable force in the metal scene of Ohio, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania. They have shared the stage with such acts as Karma to Burn, Nice Kat, and DNS. The band has been actively showcasing their talent at many different music festivals. Some notable performances include the Morgantown Music Festival held at Rich Farms in Smithfield, Pennsylvania, Metal-ween 2001 in Connellsville, Pennsylvania, the West Virginia NORML Fest, and Star Search. Blind Tempest has also won superior recognition at competitive events such as being named the best band at both the 2002 Salem, WV Battle of the Bands (out of 5 bands) and the 2000 Taco Bell Battle of the Bands in Uniontown, WV (out of 30 bands). Not only has the band received widespread praise for their live show, but they have also experienced some success in the format of radio. The radio station 91.9 WVCS FM in California, Pennsylvania has been playing the music of Blind Tempest since July, 2000. Their unique, hard-hitting style made them the most requested band on this station for 6 weeks in a row.

Despite great recent tragedy and loss, Blind Tempest has and will continue to remain true to the music scene. They strive to attain their goal of being heard, and they do so with a relentless audacity that will never perish. God help you all.